5 Ways To Make You Look More Sexy

Every woman is greedy – they want to be more and more and more sexy and they are never satisfied. Being sexy is not only a status, but also an attitude towards your life. Are you ready for some spicy, sexy and juicy relationship tips? Here we go.

1. Low pitch is the key note

When you are in bed or you want to make this night a crazy one, just talk with him in a pitch that is a little lower than the one you usually have. Talk to him from his back and mix some breath with your voice, just like you start to be turned on by him.

2. High heels are always the heroines

High heels make you stand straight and the figure of your butt and boom in a sexier shape. When women are wearing high heels, they unconsciously walk slower and each step is smaller.

3. Body lotion is a good helper

I think the best chance to seduce a man is the time when you are applying body lotion. The right way is: when you are wearing a silk pajama, sitting on your bed and make sure your pajama is not very long, for your legs could be seen. Apply some lotion in your hand and slowly put them on your leg from the bottom to the top until you reach the end of your thigh. Usually men are definitely turned on at this time, and some massage is more helpful!

4. Wear sexy lingerie under your most common T-shirt and jeans

This is simple and you don’t need any guidance, I think. The only thing you have to do is to put on your weapon and wait for him to discover your hot secret! Imagine how surprised he will be when he sees your sexy lingerie hiding under your most common clothes!

5. Sex toys? They make big deals!

Buy your favorite sex toy – it could be fancy, the latest product of your favorite brand. Hide it in your wardrobe and next time you are making love with him, tell him your secret.